Here is a great video showcasing some trends in web design that you may see a lot of:

Trends tend to have a negative connotation, but as we know evolution in design and technology is occurring faster every day, and it can be beneficial to adapt with trends when they are suitable. So following trends definitely isn’t all bad. This video does a great job of showcasing some trends that are popping up on websites all across the internet. It also shows some wonderful examples of those trends.

  1. Video Background: This can be an awesome element to include in your website. Videos can serve to grab a visitors attention immediately which is increasingly important with the many options available. A good quality video background can grab attention, entertain, or inform among other functions that can be very beneficial and identifying for a lot of different types of websites. A good video background is not just visually appealing it is also optimized for the internet. If a video looks beautiful and has amazing production value, but completely slows down the loading of a webpage or fails to load altogether, then it does way more harm than good. Page load speed is a vital function to consider in web development. This is especially important when it comes to optimizing a website for mobile viewing which is where more and more people are accessing websites.
  2. Asymmetrical Layout: This is in contrast to the ubiquitous grid layout seen on many websites. This can be great for certain types of websites as it provides an interesting and identifiable visual style and function. An asymmetrical layout can allow a site to standout and be a more fun and refreshing way to navigate. However, the same trendy layout could provide unwanted problems for other types of websites. If there is a lot of content the asymmetrical style could lead to a sight looking very unorganized and visually displeasing which might induce a lot of visitors to leave. As with any web design trend it is important to critically analyze cost vs. benefit when deciding whether to implement a change.
  3. Unique Page-Flow: File this web design trend in the same place as asymmetrical layout. It can offer similar advantages providing a unique and refreshing way to navigate a website. It can also be a disaster for the presentation of certain types of content. Page-flow is meant to flow, so if it doesn’t, then it is not working.
  4. Interactive Content: This is a trend that you will see a lot and one that I think is here to stay. When someone is physically and virtually participating with a website they are engaged and more likely to be interested in the website as a whole. Creative iterations of interactive content are very powerful and can be very enjoyable for a visitor. If visitor enjoys their experience you can bet they will stay and keep coming back. Interactive content is common on dating websites, hookup apps, and other adult sites. It can also be seen on online retail sites, and social apps as well. On the other hand, interactive content can go very wrong. It can be frustrating or boring which is the exact opposite experience we want for visitors to our website. So it is very important to design this type of content carefully with great consideration of UX. Testing and garnering feedback is highly recommended.
  5. Minimalism: This seems less like a web design trend and more like a timeless good practice. Elegance through simplicity can be found in almost any successful website. Keep It Simple Stupid has never been more applicable then when it comes to web design. Good web developers look at every aspect on the front and back end and critically analyze whether all elements are serving a valuable purpose. If they are not they are removed or improved so that they are. This results in a much better end product.